·         Quarantine Branding: We have observed that asides the vision of an organisation and its strategies for operation, the organisation’s overall output is still subject to the input of its employee. So, there are employees, possibly, who though in the company but are not connected to the company’s vision and its strategies. And this is already taking a toll on the company’s progress chart. This inspired this concept, The Quarantine Branding, designed to build the line of communication that should exist between the employer and its employees. In effect, this helps the employee to perceive its employer in the right perspective and encourage a better commitment to work. After implementation, we expect to have an expected boost on the employees’ positive behavioural response towards work and consequently improve corporate performance. 

CSR Branding: This basically is designed to project the good corporate image of our client to its target public on a corporate social responsibility platform. And our CSR focus is education. We considered the growing decadence in morality and in the economy and figured out how it would make a positive impact on the corporate image of our client if they channel meaningful support to this sector. So, we design schemes for our clients to execute as their corporate social responsibility to the public.


·         WebNet SMI:  We offer solutions inWeb Presence, Networking, Supplies and Maintenance of IT equipment.

Our Web presence service requires that we build websites for our clients. And also beam their presence on social media platforms like twitter, facebook as required. We also would like to build our clients a website that can be a source of extra revenue for them on the platform of Web Marketing.

Networking service requires that we run viable connection between connectable devices in a working environment with internet connection. Depending either on the request of the client or platform of best practice, we would be able to run a LAN, WAN, or WIFI connections for our clients. Also, with the advent of CISCO Phones, we would also be able to run connections of CISCO phones for our clients.   

Supplies and Maintenance of IT Equipments, we would require partnership with OEMs. But for a start, we can still operate under the umbrella of companies that already exist as partners of these OEMs (Dell & Hp Preferably). We would make our supplies range from the desktops to the servers, low end and high end as requested by our clients.


·         Reveal: We study trends, design trainings and share knowledge of our research and experience in forums we organise or forums organised by the client. And also, our trainings are designed to give answer to a growing need in the society, whether present or projected. Such trainings we designed as an answer to a projected need is THE 4 CARDINALS. After a study of the trend and research began revealing that dependence on job provision in the nearest future would soon be an absolute waste of time. So to save the innocent posterity from the doom, the training was birthed.

Asides THE 4 CARDINALS we also have a training which we tagged Acquaint. We noticed that employees of certain organisations fail in their role and commitment to their work. And this we traced to poor knowledge of the policy of the company they work with. So their conduct and pattern of work goes in absolute contrast with the policy of the company, leaving the employer with no choice but to lay them off. But we have discovered that laying off an underperforming employee isn’t the appropriate solution at the first instance. There is a better way which we recommend. 

·         Memories:  Beyond the event is keeping a good memory of it. We come in to achieve that for our clients. We bring in a blend of everything that expresses the right tune for the event we manage, setting up the mood of the event and still keep a great sense of style, simplicity and excellence. We manage of both Corporate (AGMs, Seminars, briefing etc) and Social (Birthdays, Weddings etc) Events. We manage events deploying creativity at its peak.

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