Success is desired.

But how it comes to individuals,

It is something unsearchable.

You could never predict the way it comes,

Or the manner it appears.

There is an appreciation to be made of something in you,

That would cause the success that would come to you.

That thing which is to be appreciated in you,

It is unique to you ALONE.

Your uniqueness in service

Causes their awareness of you in service.

Since what is in you

Is unique to you.

Then, your depreciation

Is turned away by their appreciation.

Of what, you may ask?

Of course, the unique thing in you.

Never be bothered over the success of others.

The world probably must have discovered them by virtue of their uniqueness.

And now they go all out for them.

Uniqueness would forever be appreciated.


Now, what is the unique thing in you?

Are you bothered that people don’t appreciate you?                                     
The truth is no one will ever appreciate you.

They would rather, appreciate the uniqueness in you.

Do you know there are a lot like you?

I mean, there are a lot of computer scientists like you.

A lot of botanists like you.

A lot of biochemists like you.

A lot of architects like you.

A lot of doctors like you.

A lot of engineers like you.

A lot of accountants like you.

I mean, name them if you can.

But what makes you the real you,

Is the uniqueness in you.
Therefore, discover your uniqueness
And get set to be appreciated.
For all things are yours.