Every great fight starts with two end fighters.
One end seeing the other as its opponent
As the other end sees him as the same.
The fight starts with opponents.
But it ends with one as either a winner or a loser.
No one wants to be a loser
Everyone desires to come out of every fight a winner
But whoever does come out the loser would ask
What did I not do that he did that made him the winner?
Oh!!! Yes
A lot that you did not do that he did
What you never did or think of doing
Our sea of actions springs from our wealth of understanding
The parallels that we encounter in life springs from the well of different understanding
Your audacity and direction in life takes root from UNDERSTANDING
“I SEE” is an exclamation from the man that just stumbles on a wave of understanding
He dares to take up challenges that no other can
The limit of your understanding determines the scope of your exploits
“IT IS IMPOSSIBLE” is an exclamation from the man who is yet to understand
“THERE IS MORE” is an exclamation from the man who understands and agrees
A man of possibilities becomes proud in the face of other men
Who hear him talk about things their impossible minds are yet to grab.
He remains foolish in their eyes
But there they remain, stagnant
While he expands more and more in his exploits.
The result you are yet to have is an understanding you are yet to carve
Results desired never come by strength
But they always come by understanding
A man trying to get through a door
Though he had the right key
But here he is standing in front of the wrong door
Strength?!! Yeah!!! Strength
At least, after breaking the key in the key hole
Then he moves on to break the door
He gains entrance and finds out he has dissipated so much strength
Breaking into the wrong room
No one would ever desire to be in that kind of mess
But ironically, we always do
We are always quick to fight without the light (Understanding)
And understanding is not for the quick
But for the patient.
When fighters retreat, they retreat not just for strength
But also for brighter light on how to take on their opponents.
I know you are so passionate to fight.
But if you just save that strength till you have seen the light.
The ring describes in reality what our fights are like day in day out.
Outside the ring is the crowd of those praising or booing you.
Then the judges and the instructors of each fighter.
But in the ring for the daring fighters, all we have in the ring
And can see, are the fighters and the fighters alone.
No one else but the fighters.
You definitely can judge what the end of that fighter
Without prior understanding needed to win the fight would be.
Though he desires to win
But winning becomes a mirage.
Do consciously disabuse your mind
That no one has been created to be better than another.
But one has determined to have understanding
And apparently has exceeded the understanding of another.
It’s a life of an endless fight.
But do not get carried away by the rumblings of the fight.
Choose to be still
And have enough understanding (light) to come out a winner in that fight
Seek therefore to only fight in the light.