Failure could be the result obtained from the effortless and surmountable moves made by someone negligent of instruction and direction (focus). Failure is inevitable when a man is not guided by instructions. He does the right things but which are not right at that time in which he does them.

 Your failure is not traceable to anybody but you. Each time you pick on someone to be the cause of your failure the person only stands in at that time as a source of consolation. It doesn’t still change the truth that you have failed and the failure remains traceable to you. When your heart is not set to doing something backed up with instructions, then your heart preconceives failure, which makes you a failure yet to be announced. Success and failure are life options. You need to sit back and choose that which belong to you. Yes, you may say nobody wants to fail. But the truth is many have not yet set their hearts to success. Even though they wish success for themselves. (You could liken this to what Jesus the Christ said about them that say, “Lord, Lord”. But still their hearts are far away from me). Everything is dependent on your sitting back to consciously decide. Many are not decided yet, so failure is inevitable. It is your conscious decision that brings forth an unconscious determination. A time ago, GOD gave me the inspiration to write that, “There is no successful dedication, without an inner conviction and decision which erupts an unshakeable determination. So, a man that decides to be stupid, men would learn from his stupidity. Many have no “understanding” why they should succeed in the first place. They have not set their hearts to understanding. HE that wishes above all things that we prosper, be in good health even as our soul prospereth spoke to Daniel, the prophet. In his days, He said to him, Daniel, that “…. from the day you set your heart to understand and humbled yourself before your GOD, your words were heard”. Daniel’s words, moves/actions backed up with instructions were honored the day he set his heart to understand.

 You want success but you have not set your heart to understand that you have been called to succeed. Every result, success or failure, yet to be announced is preconceived and when it brings forth, it is being allowed. So who preconceives and allows failure? Oh, don’t look at someone else. IT IS JUST YOU and no one else.

  So stop pointing accusing fingers. Just sit back and humble yourself. Also set your heart to understand. Then you would find the itches in your life, which must be corrected NOW before it is too late. And do yourself a favor by being sincere to yourself, for the power of success lies in your heart.